7 Tips to have a great Mutu profile

Sep, 24, 2021, by Laura Taylor

We often find our Mutu Movement members asking us how they can enhance their profiles to increase the number of rental requests they receive. We have put this blog post together to help you out and give you some handy tips on how to have an awesome Mutu profile.

1. Verifying your account: Ensuring your account is verified ensures renters know you are who you say you are and that you are trustworthy and reliable. You can check whether or not your account is verified by going to your profile and checking the box in the top right-hand corner. If it says 'account verified' with a green tick, you're good to go, if not click the text and follow through the steps to verify your profile.

2. Profile picture: Adding a profile picture to your profile will help your profile appear more trustworthy, therefore, helping increase the number of rental requests you receive. When renters are able to see a photo of the lender they are looking to rent from it makes them feel more secure and increase the amount of trust between the renter and yourself (the lender).

3. Reduce cancellations: Ensuring you accept as many rental requests as possible will help you have a high rental request acceptance rate. This is displayed on your profile and can help your profile appear far more reliable resulting in more renters being keen on renting from you!

4. Good star rating: Your star rating is displayed on your public profile which all Mutu users can see. You can ensure you have a good star rating by being kind, genuine and nice when interacting with the person renting your items. This will help to ensure they leave you a good review giving you a high 'star rating' on your profile, resulting in more future renters/lenders wanting to embark on their sharing journey with you!

5. Reviewing: Leaving reviews on others profiles and encouraging them to review you will help enhance your profile by showing you are a genuine, easy person to rent from. This will, once again, help increase your rentals and enhance your profile for lenders to view.

6. Listing multiple items: If you have multiple items in the same category (e.g. camping) consider listing all of the items you have available. This will make it easier for someone to get all of the items they need and make them more inclined to rent from you. Renters always appreciate being able to get everything they need for a trip away in one place, whilst you as the lender will get an opportunity to make even more return!

7. Assist & travel: If you are lending items renters may be unsure how to use, such as an e-bike, consider adding to the description that you are happy to assist with a short tutorial on how to use the item. You could also consider adding drop off and/or pickup options to make it easier for users to get ahold of your item if it is big and bulky.

All in all, there are many things you can do to help enhance your profile and gain more listings. We hope our 7 tips have helped and you'll see an increase in the number of rental requests sent through to your profile.

Happy sharing!

Toby and the Mutu team.

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