Affordable rentals to support your new hobby!

Oct, 15, 2021, by Laura Taylor

Are you in search of a new hobby but a little lost at where to start? Don’t stress, the team here at Mutu have got you covered! One of the reasons Mutu was born was due to the fun Toby and Elise had when they were able to try a range of different activities when couch surfing their way around the world.

Here we’ll run you through some of the affordable rental options Mutu has available to rent, perfect if lockdown has got you motivated to start a new hobby but everything seems to be a large investment.

See the hills from a new perspective

Mountain biking is the perfect new hobby to not only get you fit but also allow you to see the hills and parks in your area from a different perspective. If you want to give a different kind of cycling a go compared to meandering around your neighbourhood streets rent out a ,mountain bike on Mutu with options available to rent in Havelock North for just $1 a day!

Learn a new instrument!

If you’re looking for something a bit lowkey you can do year-round rain or shine learning a new musical instrument is the perfect option for you. Learning to play the guitar can sometimes be hard at the beginning but gets easier the longer you stick with it. Plus it is always a great party trick to be able to grab a guitar and play a tune! You can check out the listings for guitars on Mutu with a variety of sizes and types to choose from we’re sure you’ll find the perfect fit! One of our favourites is this ,electric guitar available to rent for just $3 a day in Hamilton.

Test out your photography skills

It is so easy to get carried away taking photos on our phones these days, especially with all of the new features allowing us to take amazing snaps. Why not test out your skills with a real camera? Although our phones seem to be able to do everything for us, there is nothing quite like being able to zoom in on something from a mile away or snap a photo in perfect focus. Mutu has a variety of cameras and gadgets available to rent. Our favourite camera for beginners is this ,Fujifilm X-T100 that comes with two lenses, it is perfect for street photography and one of the best portrait cameras you can find on the market!

Get back into board games

Board games are a great way to kickstart your imagination and spend quality time with family and friends. Board games, however, can sometimes be a hefty investment, especially when you’re unsure if your family and friends will enjoy it. Mutu has a wide range of board games at affordable rental prices so your family can test out their favourites before investing in them. Some of our favourites include ,Citadels, ,Monopoly: The here and now NZ edition and ,Ticket To Ride Europe all available for rent on Mutu for less than $5 a day!

Embrace your Italian side

The recent restrictions have got us passionate about jumping into the kitchen - especially when takeaways were not an option! If you’ve always wanted to embrace your Italian side give pasta making a go! Although it may seem like a challenge to start with, trust us, using a pasta maker makes all the difference! Check out this easy to use ,pasta maker, available to rent for $2 a day, that comes with a bench clamp attachment and can make four different pasta sizes!

We hope these ideas helped you in your search for a new hobby or just helped to show you some of the fun yet affordable rentals available on Mutu!

Happy sharing,

Toby and the Mutu team.

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