Kia ora,

Back in 2019 when we first came up with the idea for Mutu, our goal was to make it easier for people to access the things they need while also reducing the overall impact we have on the planet by constantly buying and disposing of things. Over the past 3 years we have seen an amazing Mutu community grow and adopt this mindset, connecting neighbours and strangers via our platform. At our peak we had over 25,000 users registered on Mutu!

Here at Mutu we have had a new and exciting opportunity present itself. Some of the largest organisations in Aotearoa have approached us asking if we can implement the Mutu model within their business to help them manage their assets and repurpose the things they no longer need instead of just sending them to landfill.

At Mutu we truly believe that if you have a great idea you need to pursue it with everything you have, and because of this we have made the difficult decision to shut down the peer-to-peer marketplace part of our business which most of our users are familiar with. This was not an easy decision to make; however if we think about why we started Mutu in the first place, the positive impact we can have by pursuing this new path is too big to ignore.

As of the 22nd of August Mutu will change to convey our new direction and we will be shutting down both the marketplace website and our mobile app. To prepare for this, users will no longer be able to list or rent items from Monday the 8th of August. Any rentals up until 11.59pm on the 7th of August will still be valid and able to be processed on the Mutu platform.

Over the coming weeks we will be sharing a few more emails to provide details around our transition. We are also welcoming anyone who works in an organisation where they want to better utilise, manage and sustainably dispose of their assets to join us on the next phase of our journey. More details to follow 🙂

If you have any questions or concerns about this move to a new model please do not hesitate to contact us at

Thanks for all your support.

Ngā mihi,
The Mutu Team

Happy Recycling Week! In 2021 New Zealand Recycling Week will run from 18-24 October. Each day of the week has a different theme to help you make small changes to your lifestyle to help it become more circular, waste-free and aware of what you are using and reusing.

Our lives have been conditioned by convenience. This has exploded to the point where we can buy practically anything from our bedroom. Although this is a great achievement and useful when things such as lockdowns occur, it has negative effects on the environment. These packages often come with excessive amounts of packaging, and although they are becoming greener many of us don’t know how to correctly recycle them, let alone the rest of the waste leaving our homes.

As a society, we need to be more conscious of what we are bringing into our homes and what the items will look like at the end of their lives. For example, when bringing in a biodegradable cleaning cloth you can visualise it leaving being disposed of by burying it in your compost bin. However, for a plastic water bottle, this would be seen leaving your home into your rubbish bin.

In the spirit of Recycling Week, we will be giving you 5 tips on how to make small changes that will make a world of difference.

Ensure you can reuse everything you bring into your home at least once.

It’s okay to bring in things such as glass pasta sauces jars as they can be reused for storing homemade sauces, as a takeaway coffee cup or to help water your plants. Even better they can be easily recycled within New Zealand.

Explore different methods of reusing repurposing and recycling

We often consider recycling to be finished when we place something in our curbside collection recycling bins, however, there are many different ways you can recycle items. You can repurpose them, reuse them, or even Mutu them!

Reflect on your purchases

If you desperately need a shovel and can only find one available online to purchase. However, when it arrives it has a lot of unnecessary packaging you are unable to recycle make a mental note of this for next time to help change your purchasing behaviours to be more considered and mindful.

Research recycling activities in your community

Things such as cans and glass bottles can use a lot of energy when recycled in a plant. Look into if your community offers initiatives such as can collections where the cans and/or bottles will be sent back to the distributor. These often also involve a small sum being paid back to the community for their help, a win-win for everyone!

Rinse and clean

Ensure the recycling you are putting out at your curbside collection is clean. If there is a pasta jar you forgot to rinse out in the mix of things it will often result in the whole bin being tagged as contaminated. This will result in it being sent to the landfill, throwing away all of your hard-earned recycling efforts.

Thanks for concentrating your efforts and helping to make a cleaner New Zealand!

Happy sharing,

Toby and the Mutu team.

Are you in search of a new hobby but a little lost at where to start? Don’t stress, the team here at Mutu have got you covered! One of the reasons Mutu was born was due to the fun Toby and Elise had when they were able to try a range of different activities when couch surfing their way around the world.

Here we’ll run you through some of the affordable rental options Mutu has available to rent, perfect if lockdown has got you motivated to start a new hobby but everything seems to be a large investment.

See the hills from a new perspective

Mountain biking is the perfect new hobby to not only get you fit but also allow you to see the hills and parks in your area from a different perspective. If you want to give a different kind of cycling a go compared to meandering around your neighbourhood streets rent out a ,mountain bike on Mutu with options available to rent in Havelock North for just $1 a day!

Learn a new instrument!

If you’re looking for something a bit lowkey you can do year-round rain or shine learning a new musical instrument is the perfect option for you. Learning to play the guitar can sometimes be hard at the beginning but gets easier the longer you stick with it. Plus it is always a great party trick to be able to grab a guitar and play a tune! You can check out the listings for guitars on Mutu with a variety of sizes and types to choose from we’re sure you’ll find the perfect fit! One of our favourites is this ,electric guitar available to rent for just $3 a day in Hamilton.

Test out your photography skills

It is so easy to get carried away taking photos on our phones these days, especially with all of the new features allowing us to take amazing snaps. Why not test out your skills with a real camera? Although our phones seem to be able to do everything for us, there is nothing quite like being able to zoom in on something from a mile away or snap a photo in perfect focus. Mutu has a variety of cameras and gadgets available to rent. Our favourite camera for beginners is this ,Fujifilm X-T100 that comes with two lenses, it is perfect for street photography and one of the best portrait cameras you can find on the market!

Get back into board games

Board games are a great way to kickstart your imagination and spend quality time with family and friends. Board games, however, can sometimes be a hefty investment, especially when you’re unsure if your family and friends will enjoy it. Mutu has a wide range of board games at affordable rental prices so your family can test out their favourites before investing in them. Some of our favourites include ,Citadels, ,Monopoly: The here and now NZ edition and ,Ticket To Ride Europe all available for rent on Mutu for less than $5 a day!

Embrace your Italian side

The recent restrictions have got us passionate about jumping into the kitchen - especially when takeaways were not an option! If you’ve always wanted to embrace your Italian side give pasta making a go! Although it may seem like a challenge to start with, trust us, using a pasta maker makes all the difference! Check out this easy to use ,pasta maker, available to rent for $2 a day, that comes with a bench clamp attachment and can make four different pasta sizes!

We hope these ideas helped you in your search for a new hobby or just helped to show you some of the fun yet affordable rentals available on Mutu!

Happy sharing,

Toby and the Mutu team.

Many users initially download Mutu to rent something they need. For example, a student renting a lawnmower when they move into a new flat or first homeowners renting a washing machine before investing in one themselves. As time goes on the appeal of becoming a lender grows as renters begin to see how easy it is. However, becoming a lender can sometimes be daunting and seem difficult. This article will help introduce you to the ins and outs of lending to help you start confidently renting through the Mutu app!


The first step in becoming a Mutu lender is listing your items. Once you have downloaded the app there is a bar saying ‘list your items’. After clicking this you will begin the process of listing your item. Here you can add a description, photos, pricing and the location. After your item is listed it will now be viewable for the public. Now it’s just a waiting game to see when your first rental request comes through!


The next step is to accept rental requests. These will come from verified Mutu lenders who have come across your item within the app. You can then approve the rental request. This confirms it with the renter, sealing the package.


Now it’s time to arrange a time, date and place to meet to exchange your item with the renter. We often recommend meeting up with them in a public place. This is safer for both you and them and means you aren't giving away any unnecessary information such as your home street address. Also, don't forget to organise to meet back up with them so they can return your item!


Once the item is safely in the renter’s hands you will be paid via our secure payment portal. You can then start earning up to $600/month like some of our superstar lenders!

Now you’ve seen how easy and quick the four-step process of lending is, it's your turn. Download the Mutu app if you haven't already from our website home page and start listing today! It is also free to lend through Mutu until you have accepted your first rental request so don't stress there's no chance you'll lose out!

We'd love to know how your lending journey on Mutu goes. Feel free to message our Facebook or Instagram accounts or send us an email to:

Happy sharing,

Toby and the Mutu team.

We often find our Mutu Movement members asking us how they can enhance their profiles to increase the number of rental requests they receive. We have put this blog post together to help you out and give you some handy tips on how to have an awesome Mutu profile.

1. Verifying your account: Ensuring your account is verified ensures renters know you are who you say you are and that you are trustworthy and reliable. You can check whether or not your account is verified by going to your profile and checking the box in the top right-hand corner. If it says 'account verified' with a green tick, you're good to go, if not click the text and follow through the steps to verify your profile.

2. Profile picture: Adding a profile picture to your profile will help your profile appear more trustworthy, therefore, helping increase the number of rental requests you receive. When renters are able to see a photo of the lender they are looking to rent from it makes them feel more secure and increase the amount of trust between the renter and yourself (the lender).

3. Reduce cancellations: Ensuring you accept as many rental requests as possible will help you have a high rental request acceptance rate. This is displayed on your profile and can help your profile appear far more reliable resulting in more renters being keen on renting from you!

4. Good star rating: Your star rating is displayed on your public profile which all Mutu users can see. You can ensure you have a good star rating by being kind, genuine and nice when interacting with the person renting your items. This will help to ensure they leave you a good review giving you a high 'star rating' on your profile, resulting in more future renters/lenders wanting to embark on their sharing journey with you!

5. Reviewing: Leaving reviews on others profiles and encouraging them to review you will help enhance your profile by showing you are a genuine, easy person to rent from. This will, once again, help increase your rentals and enhance your profile for lenders to view.

6. Listing multiple items: If you have multiple items in the same category (e.g. camping) consider listing all of the items you have available. This will make it easier for someone to get all of the items they need and make them more inclined to rent from you. Renters always appreciate being able to get everything they need for a trip away in one place, whilst you as the lender will get an opportunity to make even more return!

7. Assist & travel: If you are lending items renters may be unsure how to use, such as an e-bike, consider adding to the description that you are happy to assist with a short tutorial on how to use the item. You could also consider adding drop off and/or pickup options to make it easier for users to get ahold of your item if it is big and bulky.

All in all, there are many things you can do to help enhance your profile and gain more listings. We hope our 7 tips have helped and you'll see an increase in the number of rental requests sent through to your profile.

Happy sharing!

Toby and the Mutu team.

One of Mutu’s most popular categories is ‘DIY & Garden’ with multiple new listings popping up weekly. This category also attracts many wanted listings for small jobs that pop up around peoples homes such as ladders, drills and a table saw.

Power tools are on average used for less than 15 minutes in their lifetimes. With the average drill in New Zealand costing $75 this can work out to $5 per minute! This is huge when you compare it to the cost of renting a drill off of Mutu which can be as little as $5 for 24 hours. They can also be very difficult to dispose of as they contain various metals such as iron, steel and aluminium. The disposal of power tools to landfills can cause huge environmental problems due to the metals leaching into groundwater supplies. This is important in places such as Christchurch where most of the city's water comes from aquifers fed through groundwater. As power tools can be so difficult to dispose of and aren't often used to their full potential we love that Mutu allows users to rent out their power tools. This helps the lender make money, less waste ends up in landfills and gives the product a proper life.

Renting out items on Mutu can also allow you to make an income of up to $600/month, making it a worthwhile side hustle. The community built through Mutu users is also amazing with so much knowledge being shared within it. It is also incredible to see how the sharing economy not only involves the sharing of goods but also thoughts and knowledge on the best way to do things and how to use various tools and pieces of equipment.

It is also easy to quickly earn the money back you spent on buying an item which is shown in the graph below. For example, if you have an item valued at $50 and are renting it out for $7 a day it will only take you seven days to earn back the item's retail value!

We all have something hanging around we could allow someone else to make use of by renting it out on Mutu. There are also a variety of weird and wonderful items and categories on Mutu available for you to explore! Below we have a list of the current items on Mutu that you may not realise you can rent out, inspiring you to start listing your own items today!


There is currently a wide variety of clothing items listed on Mutu from warm weather gear, day to day clothing and wedding dresses! Wedding dresses are a great item to rent out on Mutu as they are often worn once and then kept for the memories. Mutu allows you to keep hold of them whilst also renting them out and making money on the side.

Board Games

Heading into the winter months we tend to stay inside more which has increased the demand and quantity for board games on Mutu. This is useful as we don’t each need multiple board games as we will often only play one or two a week. Mutu allows you to share your board games with other users allowing your family to play a wide variety of games, without having excess in your cupboards. One of our favourites on Mutu at the moment is Monopoly: The here and now NZ edition.


One of our favourite listings on Mutu at the moment is a band and music room. Renting out spaces on Mutu is a great way to rent a room that allows you to choose when people come and go with no fixed long term contracts. This lets you use the space when you need it too


Musical instruments are a great way to pick up a new hobby, however, it can be an expensive investment if you're unsure if you will stick with it. There are many guitars and various other instruments currently listed on Mutu. One of our favorites is the violin!


Dehydrators are a great way to preserve summer fruit through the winter and can be a handy way to meal prep for longer tramps. They are a popular item to be listed and rented through Mutu at the moment so if you have one laying low list it today!


Mutu has lots of gear to help you get out exploring. We also have a wide range of motorhomes for those who are looking for a longer-term holiday and just want to see where the road takes them! One of our favourites is a Luxury Motorhome available for rent in the Bay of Plenty.

All in all, Mutu has a large variety of categories and items available. So if you’re looking at something thinking it may be slightly too ridiculous to rent, don't worry it’s probably not! What are you waiting for? Download the Mutu app today and start listing all of your weird and wonderful items!

As the winter months, end and spring cleaning begins we are excited to help Kiwis make the most of their stuff by lending it through Mutu! In this update, we will cover what we got up to in August, and what we’re planning for September!

Website launch

On the 9th of August, we launched our new website! Our team of developers had been working hard on it over the past few months. This made the feeling even better when we saw how much everyone was enjoying it. The launch of our new website now means you can use Mutu via our website, app, or both! This includes: listing items, renting items, browsing items and everything in between. Some of our favourite things about our new website are that it makes renting on Mutu more shoppable, alongside also being easier for new Mutu members to find. It will also make things a whole lot easier for some of the exciting things we have planned for the future.

Sustainable Business Awards

We are stoked to let you know that in August we were announced as a finalist for the Going Circular 2021 Sustainable Business Award. We are proud to be nominated alongside other businesses doing amazing things towards generating a circular economy such as Happy Cow Milk, SOLID Oral Care, Maggie Marilyn and more! You can follow this link to read more about what the award means. Fingers crossed we receive more good news at the awards ceremony on the 25th of November!


We hope everyone is managing to stay happy and healthy during the current lockdown restrictions! A reminder that as Mutu does not consider ourselves an essential service, during Level 4 lending and renting is not able to occur. However, during this time you can still continue to list items that can be rented out when the Alert Levels drop. Click here to read more about our COVID-19 policies and updates.

Become an ambassador

Thank you to all of our current Mutu ambassadors who are helping to share the Mutu Movement within their community! If you’re passionate about sustainability and you want to enable collaboration and sharing within your community then we want to hear from you! You can find out more about joining our ambassador team here.

Looking forward

In September we are looking forward to celebrating Conservation Week, National Cleanup Week and Recycling Week! Keep an eye out on our Facebook and Instagram accounts as we’ll be sharing some inspiring content and ideas on how to get involved. If you’re yet to follow our Instagram and Facebook pages you can do so by clicking the previous links. Following our pages will also make sure you stay up to date on all of our exciting upcoming announcements!

Thank you for your continued support through the recent months, we thoroughly appreciate it!

Happy sharing,

Toby and the Mutu team.

Here at Mutu we often get asked by our Mutu Movement members how they can make their listings shine, so we decided to put this post together to show you how to do just that!

1. Increase the amount and quality of your listing's images.

2. Promote your listings through social media, friends and family.

Promoting your listings on Mutu through your personal communication channels will help increase your rentals. People are often more likely to rent items from someone they know and trust so discussing your listings with your friends and family will help increase your weekly rented items.

3. Properly price your items.

Deciding on what price point for your product can be hard as you want to ensure it is competitive with other lenders on Mutu, but also need to take into account the age and wear on the item. You also want to ensure you are making a fair return on your rentals to make it worthwhile for yourself!

We have put together the following table to help you figure out the best way to price your items and show you how you can make a worthwhile return with just a few rentals of your item.

4. Ensure your item's description is clear, detailed and honest.

Ensuring the description section of your listing is informative, honest and detailed can help increase the number of times your product is rented. Ensuring your description portrays these qualities will help create a trusting and strong relationship between yourself (the lender) and the renters. You will also notice an increase in the number of times your product is rented as giving a detailed description will help make renters aware of special features of your product other similar rentals on the Mutu app may not have.

Well, there you have it! Our four easy tips to enhance your listings and get more rental requests through the Mutu app.

Happy sharing,

Toby and the Mutu team.

Welcome to plastic-free July! Each week throughout July we will be posting and sharing social content to encourage and support our followers to form their own plastic-free journey.

Plastic-free July is a global movement that helps millions of people be part of the solution to plastic pollution. This helps us have cleaner oceans, streets, and beautiful communities.

Mutu can help in reducing waste as it encourages people to share their items, allowing them to be used more, giving them a proper life. It also helps reduce the amount of waste created as if one person shares their water blaster with 10 people it means only one is purchased instead of 11, meaning at their end of life there is less waste created.

Going plastic-free and reducing your plastic consumption can also help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, helping slow the impacts of global warming. If the worlds plastic production stays on its current trajectory, by 2030, emissions from plastic could reach 1.34 billion tons per year. This is the same amount of emissions that would be produced by 300 new 500MV coal-fired power plants. This is due to 99% of plastics being made from fossil fuels and greenhouse gas emissions being created at every step in the plastic production process. To read more on this topic check out ,this article from State of the Planet. Overall, this shows us how going plastic-free will help reduce green house gas emissions making our world a healthier place.

Here we have created a five-step process to show you how easy it is to make small lifestyle changes and take part in plastic-free July:

  1. Become aware of the plastic in your life. Take a look in your fridge, pantry, bathroom and rubbish bins. This will help you notice just how much plastic you have in your life and may help spark ideas of plastic-free swaps you can make.
  2. Decide on one or two items to change and start with them. You could also choose a space e.g. your bathroom where you want to make as many plastic-free swaps as possible.
  3. Sign up for the plastic-free challenge at ,
  4. Share how you're going. Send Mutu photos of your plastic-free swaps to our ,Instagram or ,Facebook. You can also encourage and share how you're going through talking about it with your friends, family and within your community.
  5. Receive support through following Mutu on Instagram and Facebook to receive weekly plastic-free July updates. You can also sign up for plastic-free July's weekly newsletters ,here where they share tips, ideas, online events, and other handy resources to help you with your plastic-free journey.

Hopefully, these examples of the impact of plastic construction and waste alongside our handy 5 step process to going plastic-free have inspired you to take charge in your plastic-free July journey. We also encourage you to make habits that will be continued throughout your life and not just used in plastic-free July to be a part of the movement and then forgotten.

So what are you waiting for? Follow ,this link to be a part of plastic-free July and join the plastic-free movement.

Happy lending,

Toby and the Mutu team.

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