Find out the unexpected items you may have to lend on Mutu!

Sep, 11, 2021, by Laura Taylor

We all have something hanging around we could allow someone else to make use of by renting it out on Mutu. There are also a variety of weird and wonderful items and categories on Mutu available for you to explore! Below we have a list of the current items on Mutu that you may not realise you can rent out, inspiring you to start listing your own items today!


There is currently a wide variety of clothing items listed on Mutu from warm weather gear, day to day clothing and wedding dresses! Wedding dresses are a great item to rent out on Mutu as they are often worn once and then kept for the memories. Mutu allows you to keep hold of them whilst also renting them out and making money on the side.

Board Games

Heading into the winter months we tend to stay inside more which has increased the demand and quantity for board games on Mutu. This is useful as we don’t each need multiple board games as we will often only play one or two a week. Mutu allows you to share your board games with other users allowing your family to play a wide variety of games, without having excess in your cupboards. One of our favourites on Mutu at the moment is Monopoly: The here and now NZ edition.


One of our favourite listings on Mutu at the moment is a band and music room. Renting out spaces on Mutu is a great way to rent a room that allows you to choose when people come and go with no fixed long term contracts. This lets you use the space when you need it too


Musical instruments are a great way to pick up a new hobby, however, it can be an expensive investment if you're unsure if you will stick with it. There are many guitars and various other instruments currently listed on Mutu. One of our favorites is the violin!


Dehydrators are a great way to preserve summer fruit through the winter and can be a handy way to meal prep for longer tramps. They are a popular item to be listed and rented through Mutu at the moment so if you have one laying low list it today!


Mutu has lots of gear to help you get out exploring. We also have a wide range of motorhomes for those who are looking for a longer-term holiday and just want to see where the road takes them! One of our favourites is a Luxury Motorhome available for rent in the Bay of Plenty.

All in all, Mutu has a large variety of categories and items available. So if you’re looking at something thinking it may be slightly too ridiculous to rent, don't worry it’s probably not! What are you waiting for? Download the Mutu app today and start listing all of your weird and wonderful items!

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