How much should I lend out my stuff for?

Aug, 19, 2020, by Laura Taylor

Share economy platforms have completely revolutionised the way we view ownership as they encourage communities to share the resources they already have instead of buying new. We can share our homes with Airbnb, our cars with Uber and now you can share everyday commodity items with Mutu.

Mutu allows you to make money by lending the things you own and hardly use with people in your community. The picture above is a snapshot of just some of the things Mutu's founder Toby has lying around in his garage (excluding the girl in the flippers of course!).

At Mutu, we understand that initially, it might seem tricky to set the right price for your pre-loved goods which is why we have put together a simple chart which can guide you in the right direction.

Another great option to determine your rental price is to check and see what price items similar to yours have been listed at. This way you can make sure your rental price is competitive which will increase your chances of securing more bookings.

When you are new to Mutu we recommend using a mixture of our pricing chart and the average market rate for your item to determine your rental price. We also recommend incentivising other users by offering cheaper rates to those who are looking to book your item for longer periods. With all of that being said, what you list your items on Mutu for is totally up to you and we are confident that you will get the hang of it after just a few rentals.

Happy sharing from Toby and the Mutu team!

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