How Mutu can be your next side-hustle

Apr, 23, 2020, by Laura Taylor

The sharing economy has reinvented the way we consume goods and services as we are constantly given access to new ways of monetising our under-utilised assets. With the share-economy, side hustles have become the new normal thanks to the heavyweights, Uber and Airbnb. These types of peer to peer, sharing economy platforms promote ways for people to make money on their own terms by sharing the things they hardly use. 

As the cost of living continues to rise, more & more kiwis are looking for ways to create their own small business on the side. The extra money coming in from these side hustles can act as a life raft in dire times like we are currently facing with COVID-19 or in some cases even turn into a full-time venture. 

How can Mutu be my next side hustle?

The age-old saying, you have to spend money to make money is one we are all familiar with. Why Mutu is so attractive is that you can start your side hustle without spending an extra cent. 

Mutu will allow you to rent, hire, borrow & share your under-utilised items that would otherwise be collecting dust, sent to the tip or sold for much less than you were hoping for. Do you have a bunch of sports & leisure gear you never really use? A garage full of DIY tools & gardening equipment? Or what about a wardrobe full of clothes you have only worn a couple of times? Instead of all that stuff sitting around and collecting dust, it could be out there making you money. 


How do I start hiring & lending my stuff with Mutu?

Renting & lending your stuff with Mutu is simple. Firstly, find things that you want to rent. Start by looking around the house and in the garage, you will be surprised by how much stuff you have lying around that could be making you money. Once we launch our app you will then be able to simply take photos of your items and upload them to our platform. You get to add your own custom description, choose the items categories and set the daily, weekly & monthly rental price. As soon as someone wants to rent your item you will receive a rental request and will then be able to communicate via our secure in-app messaging to arrange a time and place to exchange the item. We also take care of all of the payments and have an item protection policy in place to ensure your items are safe.

Having Mutu as your new side hustle is a great way to not only earn a few extra bucks on the side but to increase the circular economy by reducing waste and landfill.

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