How to make money on Mutu through your idle tools!

Sep, 17, 2021, by Laura Taylor

One of Mutu’s most popular categories is ‘DIY & Garden’ with multiple new listings popping up weekly. This category also attracts many wanted listings for small jobs that pop up around peoples homes such as ladders, drills and a table saw.

Power tools are on average used for less than 15 minutes in their lifetimes. With the average drill in New Zealand costing $75 this can work out to $5 per minute! This is huge when you compare it to the cost of renting a drill off of Mutu which can be as little as $5 for 24 hours. They can also be very difficult to dispose of as they contain various metals such as iron, steel and aluminium. The disposal of power tools to landfills can cause huge environmental problems due to the metals leaching into groundwater supplies. This is important in places such as Christchurch where most of the city's water comes from aquifers fed through groundwater. As power tools can be so difficult to dispose of and aren't often used to their full potential we love that Mutu allows users to rent out their power tools. This helps the lender make money, less waste ends up in landfills and gives the product a proper life.

Renting out items on Mutu can also allow you to make an income of up to $600/month, making it a worthwhile side hustle. The community built through Mutu users is also amazing with so much knowledge being shared within it. It is also incredible to see how the sharing economy not only involves the sharing of goods but also thoughts and knowledge on the best way to do things and how to use various tools and pieces of equipment.

It is also easy to quickly earn the money back you spent on buying an item which is shown in the graph below. For example, if you have an item valued at $50 and are renting it out for $7 a day it will only take you seven days to earn back the item's retail value!

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