Keen to learn how to successfully lend on Mutu? Here's how!

Oct, 01, 2021, by Laura Taylor

Many users initially download Mutu to rent something they need. For example, a student renting a lawnmower when they move into a new flat or first homeowners renting a washing machine before investing in one themselves. As time goes on the appeal of becoming a lender grows as renters begin to see how easy it is. However, becoming a lender can sometimes be daunting and seem difficult. This article will help introduce you to the ins and outs of lending to help you start confidently renting through the Mutu app!


The first step in becoming a Mutu lender is listing your items. Once you have downloaded the app there is a bar saying ‘list your items’. After clicking this you will begin the process of listing your item. Here you can add a description, photos, pricing and the location. After your item is listed it will now be viewable for the public. Now it’s just a waiting game to see when your first rental request comes through!


The next step is to accept rental requests. These will come from verified Mutu lenders who have come across your item within the app. You can then approve the rental request. This confirms it with the renter, sealing the package.


Now it’s time to arrange a time, date and place to meet to exchange your item with the renter. We often recommend meeting up with them in a public place. This is safer for both you and them and means you aren't giving away any unnecessary information such as your home street address. Also, don't forget to organise to meet back up with them so they can return your item!


Once the item is safely in the renter’s hands you will be paid via our secure payment portal. You can then start earning up to $600/month like some of our superstar lenders!

Now you’ve seen how easy and quick the four-step process of lending is, it's your turn. Download the Mutu app if you haven't already from our website home page and start listing today! It is also free to lend through Mutu until you have accepted your first rental request so don't stress there's no chance you'll lose out!

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