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with Mutu

Modern shoppers want options when it comes to accessing new products. Mutu allows a customer to rent a product from you for a fixed rental period. At the end of their fixed rental period, if they love the item and want to own it, they pay the remaining balance for this item. If it's not for them, they can return the item at no additional cost.
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Sharing economy for your business

Mutu gives your customers the option to rent your products, both online and in-stores. It's an alternative to purchasing or an option to "try before they buy". For modern eco-conscious customers it's also a more sustainable option that better suits their lifestyles and needs.

Quick & easy to get started

Simply add the “try first” button to the items you wish to rent on your website and Mutu takes care of the rest. We will create a dedicated Mutu store on our platform to showcase your products.

Shopper selects items to rent

Potential customers pick products to try from your website and are then directed to your dedicated Mutu store. Mutu then takes care of the booking & payment process and sends you all of the information you need to succeed.
You can pick your rental order up at our customer service desk tomorrow.
Fantastic, thank you! 🎉 

Choose how your customers
collect your products

With Mutu you have the ability to offer delivery or simply have your customers come in to collect. All of our users are verified and come with star ratings and reviews. We also offer our retail partners an insurance package to minimise the risk.

The Mutu benefits

Increase AOV
Increase Conversion
Delight Customers
Circular economy strategies drive growth. They unlock conversion rates. They increase gross profit and your customers love them.

Simple to use platform

Easily manage your listings via our platform or through API keys. Communicate with customers with our platform chat function. Web and app version available.

In depth product Insights

After each transaction your customers will be prompted to provide you with detailed feedback on their experience using your product. We also provide you with in depth reporting on how Mutu has enhanced your business.

Seamless Management

Our software has been designed to empower retailers to make the shift to a more sustainable, in-demand offering without having to build and manage an entire rental platform within their existing sales channels.

Verification & protection

All users are verified to ensure a safe and secure rental experience. We take care of all of the verification requirements, customer service & payments to create a seamless end to end customer journey.

A competitive edge

Develop a connection with customers earlier in the buying process and reach a new customer demographic by allowing them to use products that they may have felt out of reach before.

Easy onboarding

We offer a state of the art onboarding experience for you and your team. Whether you have 1 location and a small team or you are a global franchise Mutu’s platform is right for you.

Why Mutu

One of the downfalls of online shopping is no matter how good a photo or video of the product is, the customer can’t tell if they will like the item until they see it in real life. Partnering with Mutu to offer a Try first model is something that your customers want, they’ve just never been offered it before.
Nice app, easy to use with good categories and search options. Nice to lend out a few things in a safe way.
I love this app for lending my gear! Great way to put my things to use and make a bit of money on the side.
Why did no one think of this earlier? Layout good, highly functional, and some quality products for rent.
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Is my brand ready?

Uncertainty causes millions of shoppers to abandon their carts every day. Thousands of Brands lose an opportunity to delight a customer with a quality product, and shoppers are left empty-handed. What could have been a perfect match is a missed connection.
You have amazing products
It's not all about price, it’s about value, it’s about convenience and increasingly it’s about experiences.
You focus on profitable growth
Your conversion rates and AOV will increase as consumers see their purchases as risk-free.
You want to reduce returns
As e-commerce adoption grows, so will returns. Good news is, where here to help.
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