Mutu Monthly Wrap - Nov 2020

Dec, 05, 2020, by Laura Taylor

Summer is finally here and we are excited to help Kiwis make the most of the holiday season with easy access to heaps of outdoor gear!

We have recently received some feedback that users struggle to find the time to list items, are unsure how to price them and are a bit worried about damage and theft.

To help with this we are offering a brand new FREE SERVICE. We want to work with you to get your items on the platform and, to take it a step further, we will go out and promote your items for you. You can sit back, relax and watch the money trickle in!

If this interests you, please let us know right away by replying to this email and we will explain how it works.

Also, as a friendly reminder, to give you confidence in lending your items, we have the Mutu Guarantee which protects each of your items up to the value of $1,500 if they are damaged, broken or stolen.

We’ve provided a list of the highly requested items on Mutu below, which will help you out when deciding what to list!

If you have any friends, family or neighbours you think would like our platform please tell them about it! In November, a superstar user (Matt) called the Rock radio station on our behalf to spread the word about Mutu! If you promote Mutu via social media please tag us and we will give you some Mutu credit for helping us out!

Lastly, instead of gifting your loved ones something that'll end up forgotten in the corner of the garage this Christmas, consider ,,gifting them an amazing experience with Mutu. For example, a paddleboard for the weekend, a camping trip away or an afternoon on a jetski. Mutu gifts are coming very soon... stay tuned!

Happy summer and happy sharing!

Toby and the team at Mutu

Top Mutu-able items

Here are the items that are most searched for on Mutu, so if you own any of these, help your community out by listing them!

"Nah" to Black Friday

We said "nah" to Black Friday this year and instead wanted to show you guys what the average Kiwi spends in the lead up to Christmas, and what you could get for your money on Mutu instead. $497 on Mutu will get you ALL of this:

✅ A Go Pro for a week
✅ A kayak for a day
✅ A camera for a day
✅ A drone for a day
✅ A surfboard for a day
✅ Golf clubs for a day
✅ A shovel for a week
✅ A water blaster for a day
✅ A lawnmower for a day
✅ A mountain bike for a day
✅ A paddle board for a day
✅ A tramping tent for a week
✅ A camping pack for a week

We think this is great value and means you're not spending money to own and store things you won't use often! It's also a more sustainable option, reducing your contribution to landfill.

Mutu in the media

We featured in November’s issue of ,,Kia Ora Mag! Loads of people reached out and let us know they spotted our write-up! Mutu is the perfect platform to assist you when travelling, allowing you to travel light and get access to what you need when you get to your destination.

Toby was invited to present at this year’s ,,Zero Waste Summit where he shared how Mutu can be used as a tool to combat consumption.

Mutu spaces now live!

In release 1.0.3 we've introduced Mutu Spaces, allowing you to rent and share spaces on Mutu! Think boardrooms, halls, gyms, office space, hot desks, spare rooms and other spaces you own and hardly use. When adding an item just select the new "Spaces" category, or when searching for a space, add the "Spaces" filter in the search screen.

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