Mutu xChange

A cloud based platform that makes an organisation's resources more accessible, more productive and easily shared. We combine a resource exchange marketplace with a user-friendly asset management platform.

Next level resource management

We want companies to buy smarter and waste less through better surplus resource visibility, utilisation, and management.

The Mutu xChange is a resource exchange platform that drives visibility on assets and materials across the whole business, enabling the transfer of idle resources either within or outside an organisation.

The Mutu xChange can be applied to University Campuses, Sporting Organisations, DHBs, City Councils, Construction Companies, EDB’s and the list goes on. The platform can be set up to suit the individual needs of clients, allowing you to specify the terms of what you exchange and with who.

How it works

Create an account
Set up your organisation by adding your employees, teams and locations.
List your items
Create listings for items that you are looking to lend, sell, repurpose or donate.
Find things you need
Search for resources you need internally or via your affiliate network.

The Mutu benefits

Standardisation of asset data across business units

Enables collaboration and visibility across your organisation and networks. We connect people who need things with people who have them.

Valuable products and materials remain in use

Make sure the right parties and business units receive notifications in real-time, based on their research interests and resource needs.

Track cost savings and waste diversion

Locate, track and manage asset & material flows seamlessly, boosting accessibility and traceability throughout your organisation.


The terms of the xChange are flexible and can also be customised, so that equipment can either be safely moved, donated or sold.

Supporting Communities

If the xChange can’t find a new home for an item within your network you are able to offer it to a network community based organisations.

In-depth reporting

Track all of your organisation's transactions and generate beautiful reports. By analysing your usage you’ll be making more informed decisions.

Asset visibility and utilisation is one of the biggest problems in asset management. We solve that problem.

Most large, asset heavy businesses have developed a reuse strategy. Yet many still grapple with the staggering amount of surplus assets & materials that are hidden across different buildings, storage rooms or off site warehouses.

As a result, these businesses have a real lack of knowledge and data about these idle resources which means that new resources are unnecessarily procured, while operational resources are consigned to landfill.

Waste is a problem that needs to be solved with technology.

Reuse is an integral part of the circular economy.

102.3 billion tons of material resources enter the global economy every year with only 9.3 billion tons being reused. If we keep this up we will need more than four earths to sustain our material production.

The sharing of unused resources and materials between and within organisations, therefore, presents an enormous business and environmental opportunity that can’t be ignored.

Money saved
Carbon saved

Resource management for the circular economy

Mutu has set out to make assets more visible and easily shareable by building the digital infrastructure to supercharge the circular economy.

Macie McClure, University of Canterbury, biological research offers a 3D printer to rent.

Julius Robert, University of Canterbury, computer science needs a 3D printer.

Shannon Gerlach, Christchurch City Council needs a 3D printer.

“Companies are managing millions of dollars worth of assets with outdated systems, spreadsheets & bits of paper.”

Key Features

From: xChange
You received a new request!

Jammie Purdy sent a new request to buy your item HP computer monitor 21’’.

Cost Reductions

Reduce unnecessary spending on resources you already have. Saving you money on storage and on waste being sent to landfill.

Time Savings

Save time by not relying on procurement teams. Employees are able to get access to the things they need when they need it.

Greater Visibility

We give your employees visibility into the organisation’s existing resources so that they can make informed decisions before making any purchasing decisions.

Industry Connections

Leverage a trusted network & enable collaboration across other organisations. Our platform allows you to connect with other organisations who share similar resource interests.

Promote Sustainability

Change the way your organisation views reuse efforts and empower every employee to contribute to corporate net zero carbon and waste efforts.

Improve Systems

Asset management systems do not result in more utilisation. The Xchange provides increased visibility and utilisation combined with the reporting power of an ERP system.

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