Welcome to plastic-free July!

Jun, 30, 2021, by Laura Taylor

Welcome to plastic-free July! Each week throughout July we will be posting and sharing social content to encourage and support our followers to form their own plastic-free journey.

Plastic-free July is a global movement that helps millions of people be part of the solution to plastic pollution. This helps us have cleaner oceans, streets, and beautiful communities.

Mutu can help in reducing waste as it encourages people to share their items, allowing them to be used more, giving them a proper life. It also helps reduce the amount of waste created as if one person shares their water blaster with 10 people it means only one is purchased instead of 11, meaning at their end of life there is less waste created.

Going plastic-free and reducing your plastic consumption can also help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, helping slow the impacts of global warming. If the worlds plastic production stays on its current trajectory, by 2030, emissions from plastic could reach 1.34 billion tons per year. This is the same amount of emissions that would be produced by 300 new 500MV coal-fired power plants. This is due to 99% of plastics being made from fossil fuels and greenhouse gas emissions being created at every step in the plastic production process. To read more on this topic check out ,this article from State of the Planet. Overall, this shows us how going plastic-free will help reduce green house gas emissions making our world a healthier place.

Here we have created a five-step process to show you how easy it is to make small lifestyle changes and take part in plastic-free July:

  1. Become aware of the plastic in your life. Take a look in your fridge, pantry, bathroom and rubbish bins. This will help you notice just how much plastic you have in your life and may help spark ideas of plastic-free swaps you can make.
  2. Decide on one or two items to change and start with them. You could also choose a space e.g. your bathroom where you want to make as many plastic-free swaps as possible.
  3. Sign up for the plastic-free challenge at ,plasticfreejuly.org.
  4. Share how you're going. Send Mutu photos of your plastic-free swaps to our ,Instagram or ,Facebook. You can also encourage and share how you're going through talking about it with your friends, family and within your community.
  5. Receive support through following Mutu on Instagram and Facebook to receive weekly plastic-free July updates. You can also sign up for plastic-free July's weekly newsletters ,here where they share tips, ideas, online events, and other handy resources to help you with your plastic-free journey.

Hopefully, these examples of the impact of plastic construction and waste alongside our handy 5 step process to going plastic-free have inspired you to take charge in your plastic-free July journey. We also encourage you to make habits that will be continued throughout your life and not just used in plastic-free July to be a part of the movement and then forgotten.

So what are you waiting for? Follow ,this link to be a part of plastic-free July and join the plastic-free movement.

Happy lending,

Toby and the Mutu team.

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